The shop is literally full of violins, violas, and celli, too many to list.  There are 100-200 instruments to choose from, including old, new, and in progress of construction or restoration.  If we don’t have what you want, we know where to get it!


A big difference in our shop is that we stock a private collection of healthy quality instruments cherry-picked from private sellers and suppliers.  We buy them only if they are good enough for us to offer you a one-year guarantee and 100% trade-in.  We do not sell low-quality merchandise that we’ve found does not meet customers’ needs.


We feature instruments by European, North American, and a few top Asian makers.  Since many of our customers are school age players, we try to have a good selection of fractional instruments.  Also, we try to stock instruments, bows, and accessories that might interest the folk fiddler, as well as the classical musician.