Consultation Fee

We charge $20 for 15 minutes for verbal assessments (15 minute minimum; waived for repairs over $20).


New making (violin, viola)

Commission a new instrument.  Select your wood from our extensive collection, choose the model you want, tell us the appearance of the varnish that you favor. Our wish is to offer you a truly inspired instrument, to help you play music that is truly inspired. 


Repairs and Restoration

We have done adjustments and repairs for individuals, school systems, and other shops since 1993. We will examine your instrument or bow and offer a free estimate for repairs and restorations.  You are welcome to choose which jobs you would like to have done. 


In the case of lower-value instruments we will prioritize and advise if repairs are, in our judgment, worthwhile.  We do not consider low grades of internet instruments worth repairing.


Please, do not bring us instruments or bows that you bought online, and found to be a problem. You need to talk to the people that you bought it from, maybe they can help you.



Please read Avoiding low-quality instrument woes  



Kenmore Violins has introduced a line of rental instruments with an emphasis on quality and sound. These are selected and set up by a professional violin maker.  Prices are low and terms are friendly (two-month minimum, then month-to-month). 80% of rental payments can apply to purchase as a rent-to-own plan.


These instruments are appropriate for young students and adults (fractional instruments can be traded in for the next size; refurb fee applies to cover bow rehair, new strings, cleaning, touch-up, etc).



Violin (¼ or smaller,  $30/month;  ½ or larger, $35/month)

Viola $40/month

Cello (1/4-1/2 size, $50; ¾ or larger, $60/month)

Bass not available

Maintenance is free; Strings and bow rehairs are discounted 25% for rental customers

Our fleet of instruments is mostly European-made or carefully chosen Asian, with high-quality strings (D’Addarrio, Pirastro or Thomastik), and hand-carved bridges. Full-size violins come with German Wittner tailpieces with built-in tuners (Perfection Planetary Pegs are an option on some fractional violins and violas). Bows are properly made (not cheap fiberglass!) and fun to use; often Pernambuco, Brazilwood, and JonPaul or Glasser carbon fiber). Cases are upscale fabric models by Core, West Coast, or Bobelock (we don’t use cheap thermoplastic cases).

Unlike most chain music stores who cater to young beginners, our full-size instruments are suitable for good adult players.

Our rental program is of modest scale so that we can guarantee fine quality and careful attention to customers’ needs.

Please note that we do not profit from our Instrument Rental Program.  100% of income from the rental program goes to pay our overhead costs.  We limit the size of the rental fleet to the point that it pays our bills.

Supplies are limited!

Deposit required for rental:  $100 small violin; $200 ½-4/4 vn, vla; $300 cello


Our take on Rental Insurance

Teachers and others may suggest that you to buy chain store insurance for your rental instrument, and it sounds like a great idea because children can sometimes damage or lose things.  However, we do not recommend that you buy the rental insurance from chain music stores. It is expensive, yet it may not cover major damage or loss (according to many sad stories related by customers who came to us after bad experiences).  It is not actually “insurance” (true insurance is licensed by the State’s Insurance Commissioner); so it is often called a “damage wavier”.  But the definition of “damage” is left to music store personnel who have a conflict of interest because they don’t want to lose money on lost, damaged, or destroyed property. This tail ends up wagging the dog because the only way that they can honor a lot of damage claims is to rent instruments that are essentially worthless (often low-grade or  older damaged instruments).

And you should not need insurance to cover simple maintenance; in our opinion, the store is responsible for providing you with something that works. 

The good news is that you can often add your rental instrument onto your homeowner’s policy with your professional insurance company. These agents routinely write coverage for musical instruments. They will likely provide decent service if you have a loss because they view you as a valued customer if you already insure your autos and home with them.  There is no conflict of interest because they are a third party. Your rental contract gives them all the information they need regarding item value. 

I should add that some children (youths, and adults) are irresponsible and destructive because of a lack of discipline or other problems. Insurance is not a way to avoid responsibility for such behavior and perhaps the person should learn to care for things that do not belong to them, especially expensive, fragile musical instruments.  We understand that people have problems (many of which are not their fault) but we prefer that you do not rent with us until such problems are resolved.

Insurance Appraisals


We offer written appraisals for insurance purposes (maximum value limit $10,000; we feel it is improper for us to appraise instruments in price ranges higher that we actually sell in our shop).  This document estimates retail replacement cost, and is required by insurance agents if you submit a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged musical instrument.  Photos and description are included.


Violin, viola, cello:  $175

Bow:  $75