New making (violin, viola)

Commission a new instrument.  Select your wood from our extensive collection, choose the model you want, tell us the appearance of the varnish that you favor. Our wish is to offer you a truly inspired instrument, to help you play music that is truly inspired.


Repairs and Restoration

We have done adjustments and repairs for individuals, school systems, and other shops since 1993. We will examine your instrument or bow and offer an estimate for repairs and restorations.You are welcome to choose which jobs you would like to have done.


Please note, we charge a consultation fee of $20 for a 15 minute exam (the fee is refunded if repairs are agreed to).Even if you donít have repairs done, you will know all about your instrument.Knowledge is power, and it has value.


We want your business and we always help if we can, but we are honest with you about quality.In the case of lower-value, or damaged, instruments we will advise if repairs are, in our judgment, worthwhile.Please do not bring us new low-grade instruments such as those sold on! Yes they have problems, but we cannot help you with these.†† Please readAvoiding low quality instrument woes




We do a small number of good quality student rentals.Please let us know what your needs are. (Please note, as of Oct 15 we are out of Fall school rentals for 5th graders.)We are always looking for reliable, responsible rental customers.

We also have student instruments, bows, and cases for purchase.



Insurance Appraisals

We sometimes offer written appraisals for insurance purposes. This document estimates retail replacement cost, and is required by insurance agents if you submit a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged musical instrument.Photos and description are included.

Please note:We do not offer free verbal appraisals.

Note:Maximum value limit $10,000; we feel it is improper for us to appraise instruments in price ranges higher that we actually sell in our shop.Also, we may decline appraisals in cases where identification is uncertain.


Violin, viola, cello:$175